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Hi, this is Sheyvah and welcome to my site. We all face different challenges in our lives, and some will knock us to our knees. I have experienced this at different times and am still in the midst of ongoing challenges.

I have been blessed to have many in my life who shared love and wisdom with me during these times. I want to pass that on to others who are going through struggles in life so they too can receive peace, love, and joy through it.

I pray that my writing will help with that and move you to an intimate and powerful relationship with God that will pleasantly surprise you, and that you will be a blessing to others in return.

Jesus is very dear to me. I have been transformed over the years by His grace and patience and have witnessed the same in many others.

I wish you the best in your search for a great relationship with our wonderful Creator, Savior, and Guide. Embrace and enjoy the adventure.

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